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Life's accidents are where the fun is

jazz-A-nory is passionate about bringing music into the everyday.



















Andy Philip, jazz-A-nory co-founder

the skills nurtured in music improvisation are valuable tools for life: listening to each other, responding to each other and learning when it’s time to take the lead and when it’s time to support. 

Also, crucially, realising that when mistakes happen they have the potential to be turned into something memorable and valuable: Ella Fitzgerald’s performance of "Mack the Knife" during her 1960 Berlin concert would not have been a magical moment of brilliance had she not forgotten all the words!

Likewise, the obstacles that Keith Jarrett had to overcome in the Köln concert, informed and gave rise to the unforgettable music he created that night.

"[improvisation] should go as quickly as it comes."

Keith Jarrett

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