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Creating original live music gigs for families...










capturing the delight and exhilaration of storytelling when anything and everything can happen. 



From the folk and fairytale, to the tale of jazz itself, each story in the jazz-A-nory collection entwines live music with spoken-word narration for a musically invigorating experience to entertain both the young and old together.

The brainchild of musician and bleary-eyed dad of twins, Andy Philip, all of the melodies have been co-created with children before being given the full jazz treatment by world-class musicians. 

jazz-A-nory aims to introduce new ears to the world of improvisation and, after each concert, an improvisation workshop usually follows giving the audience an opportunity to interact directly with our internationally renowned musicians as they explore music-making, playing together and how words can be “painted” through sound. 

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"It's a good reminder that sometimes when things go terribly wrong you can do your best work..."

Dame Minouche Shafik

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