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Hold on tight...there's a meteorite!

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A highland fairy tale for all the family brought to life through live jazz and story-telling.



Featuring melodies written with the help of his children, Nessasaurus is a bonkers musical feast cooked up by renowned session guitarist, Andy Philip.

A heart-warming tale of Loch Ness, meteorites and bladderwort, Nessasaurus is set to invigorate, inspire and amuse whilst introducing young and old to the world of improvisation.




























With so much to visually stimulate children these days it was wonderful to see my five year old totally absorbed in listening to this magical musical story. He loved the improvisation workshop and upon returning home, immediately began sounding out the rhythm of his name on the piano and said he wanted to learn to play the saxophone! Thank you jazz-A-nory for a fantastic introduction to live musical performance and an absolute treat (for the grown ups as well as the children).

Julia, Tom's Mum              

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